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DB Primary & SchoolPing 8.10 Release


DB Primary - Renamed ‘Help Centre’ to ‘Ideas and Help’

The Help Centre icon found on the Teacher+ homepage within the Quick Links panel has been renamed to ‘Ideas and Help’.


DB Primary Learning Library - New schemes of work

We have added 3 new Web Wizards schemes of work which are focused on Digital Citizenship. They are designed to support teachers with effectively teaching of online safety, digital citizenship and online relationships education. Each lesson has one or more learning objectives associated with the can-do statements set out in the Education for a Connected World framework. We have also added an assessment document to help teachers record their assessment for each of the statements.

scheme of work

Learning Library - New Digital Footprint fact file added

There is a new activity called 'Digital Footprint' in the Learning Library. This fact file activity consists of 5 slides that display content around teaching children how their online activity leavers a trace that may be viewed by others. The 6th slide includes a self-marking drag and drop quiz - where text needs to be moved to the correct place to complete the activity.

digital footprint

SchoolPing - Sent Messages Filter

We have changed the permissions for the SchoolPing Sent and Pending folders. This is to help improve security where messages may be of a sensitive nature.

Where the user has ‘SchoolPing Admin’ set on their account, their default filter when accessing Sent or Pending is set to ‘All Messages’- meaning they will be able to see all Sent and Pending messages. Where the user is not a SchoolPing admin, they will only be able to see messages they have sent, and the filter will read ‘My Messages’.

On the SchoolPing App, the default filter for non SchoolPing admins is ‘Messages sent by me’ and only messages sent by the user will display in all filters. For SchoolPing admins, the default will remain as ‘All’ and they will have access to all messages.

SchoolPing - Multi-select items to delete

Within Sent and Pending on the SchoolPing web, you can now select multiple messages that will allow bulk deletion. When hovering over a message, the category icon will be replaced with a checkbox. This checkbox, when ticked, will cause all category images beside each message to become checkboxes allowing for multiple selection. When one item is selected it will be highlighted with a blue background to clearly indicate that it has been chosen.

Once a single message has been chosen, a delete button will be presented to the user allowing them to delete all of the selected messages.

All messages are marked as deleted and will no longer display in a user’s inbox.

SchoolPing - Add class/group to form export

When exporting Form data, we now include an additional column for the pupil’s class/group.

The column is named ‘Class’ and shows in the submitted forms tab and in the unsubmitted forms tab.

form export

SchoolPing – Renamed Parent coverage to Pupil Coverage

Under ‘Admin > Roll-out Plan’ option 3, we have renamed ‘Parent coverage’ to ‘Pupil coverage’ to help improve clarity over what this statistic is showing.

pupil coverage

SchoolPing - Children with no parental coverage now show on the no coverage export

You can now easily see if you have any children who are not linked to any parental contacts on SchoolPing.

Under section 3 of the Roll-out Plan the pupil coverage is shown. Clicking on the pupil coverage percentage shows the pupil coverage dialog box where the pie chart of coverage is shown.

You can then choose to export different coverage lists. If you choose the ‘No coverage’ option, this will show parents who have no SchoolPing coverage and this list will also now include any children who do not have any parental links in SchoolPing.

no coverage

SchoolPing - Added a column to show the children in Duplicate parent’s spreadsheet

When using the Export function in the ‘Duplicate parents’ page, we have included a ‘Children’ column in the table to make it easier to know which children the parents are linked to.

duplicate list

SchoolPing App - Email notification toggle

On both the iOS and Android apps we have introduced the option for users to receive SchoolPing messages via email as well as the app. This will help users who are worried about missing app notifications as they can now switch on the option to always receive email notifications for new messages.

email toggle

Your feedback and suggestions continue to drive our enhancements and improve our services – Thank you and please keep them coming!

For more information about the upcoming release, please contact the New Era support desk by phone 01273 201701 or email at support@neweraed.co.uk

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