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The forum tool is the ultimate collaborative tool within DB Primary. Forums can be used in a large range of creative ways to share and discuss topic knowledge, write stories, conduct character interviews, and debate PSHE ideas and whole school issues. DB Primary facilitates pupil collaboration within a secure space which is fully integrated with the DB profanity filter and reporting features.

Each DB Primary community has its own dedicated forum area. The forum works like an online message board, providing members with a secure area for ideas and views to be discussed. 

You can choose the level of moderation you would like to apply to the forum, perhaps starting with the option to moderate all posts before decreasing it to topics only (meaning members will be able to reply to your topics without moderation, but any topics they add for discussion will need to be approved by the community leader). With enough quality teaching around e-safety you may even be able to eventually turn off moderation altogether on your forum!

Some task ideas to get you started:

  1. Post a PSHE topic for discussion and then talk about the ideas in your next circle time.
  2. Post a question about your Guided Reading or class text and ask the children to predict what they think will happen next or ask them to discuss what they would have done if they were in the main character’s shoes.
  3. Start a story and ask the children to continue it, each of them adding a paragraph to further the narrative.
  4. Start a forum with a simple phrase/ sentence and ask the pupils to make improvements.
  5. For older children, start a debate topic linked to news headlines or issues of economic or environmental interest

Additional Information for using Forums for Relationships Education:

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