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The Learning Library is full of great pre-made activities you can assign to your class to complete either during school time or as homework. These activities cover a range of different subject areas and topics and can be set as individual tasks, or as part of a Pathway. You can create your own Pathway by adding a sequence of different activities to be completed in a particular order, or you can download and use one of the pre-made Pathways! Activities are given a default of being due 7 days from when you assign it. You can edit the schedule of an assigned activity or pathway to have a start date in the future and you can also extend the due date of the activity if you want to give the pupils longer than 7 days.


Any activity which has right or wrong answers will be automatically marked for you (saving you precious time) and all the scores will be put into a table for you in your class management area of the Learning Library. This lets you see who has completed each task and how well they did. It also gives the children the option to give themselves a self-assessment.


Another great thing about the Learning Library is the ability to build your own activities such as spelling tests, quizzes, crosswords and sorting activities. This means you could create an activity for your weekly spellings, have the children complete the activity, and it will be marked for you! Create quizzes to consolidate end of topic learning and get the children doing the hard work by submitting multiple choice questions to include in the quiz!


Additional Information on creating Pathways

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