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SchoolPing Training Videos

SchoolPing admin set-up

A video covering:‚Äč

  • Logging in with the superadmin account (which is the top-level admin account)
  • How to give your staff members 'SchoolPing admin' rights so they can send out School News messages
  • How to find the SchoolPing usernames and passwords for your staff 
  • How to reset a staff member's password 

SchoolPing- How to roll out to parents, send messages and create forms

A video covering:

  • How to roll out SchoolPing to your parents and seeing pupil coverage
  • How to send messages
  • Viewing your sent messages
  • Creating and sending forms
  • How to use the SchoolPing calendar
  • The SchoolPing help centre

SchoolPing Forms

A video covering:

  • How to create a form template
  • How to clone a form template
  • How to attach a form template to a message
  • How to see form responses

SchoolPing Parents' Evening Booking Forms

A video covering:

  • How to set up your parents' evening booking form in SchoolPing
  • Managing the bookings made by parents
  • Booking and reserving slots manually

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