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Learning Library resources can be placed into pathway sequences. This allows you to hand-pick activities to put into a learning pathway and then assign to your class to complete. You can select as many activities as you wish and place them into a pathway. You can then assign the pathway to your class to complete and they will complete the activities in the order you put them into the pathway.

How to set up Pathways in the Learning Library to assign to your class

Firstly, click into the Learning Library and choose ‘Pathways’ along the top.

To create a pathway click the ‘New Pathway’ button and enter a name for the pathway, e.g. ‘Addition - week 1’.

You will now need to use the ‘Library’ tab to go and find the activities you wish to add to your pathway. To find activities quickly, choose your subject and then use the filters down the right- hand side to choose ‘Activities’ and your year group.


Once you have found an activity you wish to add to the pathway, click into it (by clicking on the activity name).

You will then be given a description of the activity and the learning objectives it will meet. You may find that in the top right you are given the option to choose between simplified, standard and advanced. Many of the activities in the Learning Library are 3 way differentiated and you can choose which difficulty you want to add to your pathway (you may wish to add all 3 options to the pathway so that the children do the simplified version of the activity and then the standard and finally the advanced).

To add the activity to your pathway, simply click the ‘Add to Addition – week 1’ option and this will add it to your pathway.

Add to pathway

You can then find the next activity to add by using the search function, or using the ‘Library’ tab once more.

When you have added all the activities you want, click the ‘Pathways’ tab and you will see all the activities you just added. If you want to change the order of the activities, simply drag and drop them into the correct order.

Once all the activities are added, click the ‘Assign to…’ button along the top (if you set up a catch-up learning community then this should show in the name here).


When you assign the pathway an orange bar will appear along the top of your screen indicating that is has been assigned to the class and is due in 7 days. If you click the orange bar you can change the schedule. You can put in a start date, a due date, and you can also choose to switch on pathway intervals (meaning the children can only complete 1 activity per week, 1 activity per day, or 1 activity per school day – Monday to Friday).

You can also change the schedule of a pathway by clicking onto the ‘Class’ tab along the top and choosing ‘Tasks’. You can then click the cog icon next to the pathway and choose ‘Schedule’.

It is here in this ‘Tasks’ area that you will be able to see which children have completed the activities and how they have done. Each of the activities you added to the pathway will be displayed here and you can see how the children have done on each individual activity.

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