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DB Primary's whistle alert system allows pupils to notify their teacher of anything they find upsetting or worrying whilst they are on DB Primary.

The whistle icon appears in the top left-hand corner of all pupil pages.  When they click the golden whistle icon, a box will appear allowing the pupil to type an explanation about what has upset them.


An email alert and notification including a link to the page and the pupil’s accompanying message will be sent directly to:

  • The default class community leader (usually the class teacher)
  • All designated whistle monitors
  • The superadmin

You may find that to begin with the children will click the golden whistle button for seemingly no reason, or will play around with clicking it for fun or to send their teachers a message to say hello.

It is important that the children understand what this feature is for and how to use it properly.

Please click the PDF icon below to view a lesson plan which can be used to teach the children when and how they should use the golden whistle feature in DB Primary.

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