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SchoolPing – Pupil and parent accounts

If your school has MIS integration then it means that your SchoolPing accounts sync directly from your MIS. Any changes made in your MIS will then be reflected on SchoolPing.

At the end of the year you will mark your year 6s (or year 2s if you are an infant school) as leavers in your MIS. Their leave date will arrive (e.g. July 23rd) and then in the early hours of July 23rd SchoolPing will sync with your MIS and mark all those accounts as leavers. 

We would highly recommend that as part of the pupils’ off-role process that you check that the children and parents are all marked as leavers in SchoolPing as expected.

The rest of the children will all move into their new class groups the day after this happens in your MIS and new children and their parental contacts will be created on SchoolPing the day after their start date in your MIS.

SchoolPing – Tidying up old messages

The end of the school year is the perfect time to go through your Sent messages and delete any messages which are no longer relevant. It is important to remember that parents cannot delete messages themselves from SchoolPing so it is a really good idea to do a bit of housekeeping at the end of the year and remove old messages – that way parents can start the new academic year with a nice clear inbox.

It is possible to bulk delete messages from the Sent area by following these steps:

  • Click on the icon to the left of the Subject of a message in the Sent area,
  • You will then be able to select multiple messages for deletion
  • You can then click on the ‘Delete’ button which will appear at the top of the list of Sent messages.
Bulk deleteselect

SchoolPing Payments – Settling wallets

If, at the end of the school year, the parents of your leavers still have funds showing in their wallets and they have no other children at the school you will need to Close and Settle their wallets.

To check your Wallet Balances you will need to be a SchoolPing Payments Admin.

From the SchoolPing Homepage, go to the ‘Payment’ tab and choose ‘Manage Wallets’ from the list. In the ‘Filter results’ box enter the name of a leaver. If there is only one child linked to the parent’s wallet the wallet can be closed. If the parent has other children linked who are staying at the school, leave the wallet open.

In this example, only Poppy Daley's wallet should be closed.

wallet to close

To close the wallet, tick the box to the left of the parent’s name and click on ‘Close Wallet’ at the top of the list.

The following warning message will appear:

close wallet warning

N.B. Closed wallets cannot be re-opened.

Click on ‘Close Wallets’ to confirm.

The wallet will now show as closed and the balance owed to the parent will be displayed in orange.

money owed in orange

Once you have refunded the money owed to the parent, click on the arrow to the far right of the parent’s name and click on ‘Mark as Settled’.

mark as settled

Enter the date that the refund was given in the box that appears:

mark as settled date

Then click on ‘Mark As Settled’.

The wallet should now show a zero balance with the dates closed and settled.

settled finished(1)

Having work done on your server or having a new server installed?

Your MIS integration service with SchoolPing is reliant on an application called Groupcall Xporter.

There may be occasions when data in SchoolPing stops syncing with your MIS. This interruption may occur if any of the following are true:

  • Your MIS server has undergone maintenance
  • You have had a new MIS server installed
  • The MIS software you use has been updated
  • Your MIS server has been shut down
  • There have been changes to your network configuration e.g. anti-virus, firewalls, proxy, port or hostname/IP changes
  • Username/password details for the MIS account specified in the Xporter software has been changed, or the account has been removed in your MIS
  • The Groupcall Xporter application or service has stopped running on your server
  • The Groupcall Xporter application has been uninstalled from your MIS server.

What to do if your MIS integration service has been disrupted
In the first instance, please contact your IT/MIS support team to establish if any of these scenarios are true.

If you have had work done on your server or you have had a new server installed then please follow this guide (provided by Groupcall) to help you get Xporter migrated from your old MIS server to your new one.

If this does not fix the integration issue you are having, or you are unsure about how to proceed, then please contact Groupcall Support here. They can then contact you directly and will help you get the Xporter software working again.

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