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SchoolPing 9.0 Release


SchoolPing Payments – Setting up a Pay360 Merchant Account

1) Create merchant account

To continue using SchoolPing payments, you will need to create a Pay360 Evolve merchant account. This is done by the superadmin in the SchoolPing payment settings, and the information sent to Pay360 to process the account.

2) Add users

Once the initial merchant account is set up in SchoolPing then one or more users must be created to log in to the Pay360 Evolve portal to continue the merchant account application- including bank details. The users are created by superadmin in the SchoolPing payment settings, and an invitation will be sent to their email address.

3) Using payments

Once the merchant account is approved by Pay360 Evolve it will be possible for users to top up their wallets, make payments and for new payment items to be set up.

For a full guide on how to set up your Pay360 merchant account please click here.

SchoolPing Payments – Removing a user from a payment item

It is now possible to remove a user from a payment item. When an SchoolPing Payments admin is viewing the list of users in the payment details list for a payment item there is now an additional option on the cogs next to each unpaid user to remove that user from the payment.

Remove user from paymentRemove user1

After confirmation the user will be removed and will display in the list of users for that payment item with a status of removed.


Users who have been removed from a payment item will see the payment item greyed out in the associated message and it will no longer appear in their list of payment items.

SchoolPing Payments – Showing parents who haven’t paid on an export

When exporting a payment item by clicking on the cog on the item, all users in the 'payment for' column will be exported, regardless of the payment status rather than just those who have made a payment.

Unpaid export

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