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Overseeing the country’s catch-up programme is Sir Kevan Collins, who has been appointed as the government’s education recovery commissioner. Whilst nobody is entirely sure what that mammoth project will look like, what we can say is that it is no small task trying to address the learning loss caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

How can DB Primary help?

New Era’s online learning platform, DB Primary, allows pupils to login whenever and wherever they want (providing they have internet access) and complete their learning. Using DB Primary, teachers can assign the children pre-made, self-marking activities from the Learning Library, create a sequence of activities for the children to complete as part of a learning pathway, create their own personalised activities, and more! 

Where to begin?

This pack is designed to help you set up your ‘catch-up’ communities on DB Primary and give you some practical guidance about what to set for your class during the catch-up period to help fill any knowledge gaps the pupils may have developed over the past few months.

Pupils will have had vastly different levels of support during these past few months of home learning. Some will have had parents who were willing and able to sit with them and help them engage fully with the remote learning the school offered, whilst others will have had very little in the way of help or encouragement from their parents. This will undoubtedly mean that gaps in knowledge will vary between pupils even more than they would usually.

Included in this pack:

  • Tips around how to ensure your pupils are ready to use DB Primary.
  • Instructions for how to set up additional communities.
  • Instructions for how to create a Pathway of activities in the Learning Library.
  • 6 Pathway guides for each year group (EYFS- Year 6).
  • A guide outlining the different types of Tasks you can set through your community page.
  • Our DB Primary Parent Guide.
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