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DB Primary & SchoolPing 8.8 Release


The 8.8 release includes SchoolPing form reminders, an updated Teacher+ theme homepage, the replacement of DB notices with New Era Community and some e-safety features - Read on to find out more!

SchoolPing - Form reminders

Staff can now send a reminder to the recipients of a form who haven’t yet completed it. You can choose to send to all or select individual recipients. The reminder message will be sent to each recipient and will contain a link that will direct them to the original message and attached form for them to complete.

form reminders
form reminders2

SchoolPing - Form response date added

When exporting the form data there is now a new column ‘Response Date’. This column is populated with the Date and time that the form was completed by each recipient.


DB Primary - New design for Teacher+ theme homepage

You asked for a new and more modern looking teacher homepage, and we listened! The Teacher+ Homepage has had a style overhaul. The look and feel have been improved to make it more contemporary, smart and fresh.


DB Primary - Updated tiles for Teacher+ theme homepage

As part of the Teacher+ homepage refresh we have de-cluttered the ‘Quick Links’ tile by removing some of the options which are not used, and the icons have been given a stylish make-over.

As part of the new Teacher+ theme makeover, the Edit Website Quick Link icon has been removed. Rest assured, website customers can still access the website staging area via the Teacher+ user drop-down menu:

edit website(2)

DB Primary - New Era Community

We have upgraded the existing DB Notices to New Era Community. Here you will be able to view customer support announcements and have a look at the latest news from New Era Education.

DB Primary – Additional profanity account disable options

You can now control when a user’s account is automatically disabled after profanity is used within DB Primary. On the rejection alerts dialog, available from the rejections report ( Admin > Accounts > Actions > Show Rejections > Alerts ), there are additional options to control when a user's account should be blocked for use of profanity.

Deactivate if more than 3 profanities in 10 minutes
If this option is chosen, then an account that uses a blocked word more than 3 times within a 10-minute timeframe will be deactivated automatically.

Deactivate immediately
If this option is chosen, then an account that uses a blocked word will automatically be deactivated immediately.

Never deactivate
If this option is chosen, then a user's account will never be deactivated for using a blocked word.

Custom deactivation
If this option is chosen, you can specify the number of profanities and the time period by entering a whole number in the relevant fields.


DB Primary – Pupil Privacy Information

With GDPR in mind we are now providing pupils with visibility of who can see information they post on their personal homepage.


DB Primary – Phrases have been added to banned/ flagged words list

In addition to single words we are now able to recognise when an inappropriate phrase is used within DB Primary and block or flag it. These phrases have been added to our ‘global rude words list’ which is available upon request.

Your feedback and suggestions continue to drive our enhancements and improve our services – Thank you and please keep them coming!


For more information about the upcoming release, please contact the New Era support desk by phone 01273 201701 or email at support@neweraed.co.uk

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