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Grey trousers or skirt

Grey pinafore dress

Blue shirt or blouse

Grey jumper or cardigan

Black and gold tie

Black shoes





In the summer:

Blue and White dress

Grey shorts

Blue polo shirts

Blue short sleeved shirts



Black shorts

Gold polo shirt

Trainers and pumps

Fleece jacket for colder weather


PE and Games Kit


SBFF Swap Shop

Has your child grown out of their uniform and the uniform still look brand new?

If yes, then this is the perfect place to help someone else, and hopefully someone else to help you.

How?  By swapping your nearly new items with other parents rather than throw them away or recycle them.

Click HERE to enter the WhatsApp St Ben's Swap Shop group.

School Uniform Network

To make it as easy as possible to donate your old school uniform there is a series of drop off points around Warrington.  To locate the drop off points - click on the School Uniform Drop Off location information leaflet below.

Don't forget - there is a School Uniform Network Shop in the Golden Square.  

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