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Chat Health

This is an anonymous, safe and secure messaging system, where School Nurses provide confidential help and advice for young people aged 11-19 and for parents of 0-19s.  This is known as ChatHealth.

The phone number for Parents and Carers of children aged 5-19 is 07480 635944

The phone number for Young People aged 11-19 is 07507 330101

Or Scan the QR code

Healthier Families

The School Health Team can:

  • Promote healthy eating by providing advice and support such as packed lunch policy, healthy break time provision (Warrington’s Tasty Tuck Award);
  • Signpost children and families into the Warrington 0-19 services ‘Healthier families Warrington’ programme for children, young people and families  
  • work with the whole family, to offer additional support where appropriate.

Healthier Families Warrington – Warrington’s 0-19 service healthy lifestyle services for children, young people and families - Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust is delivering a digital healthy weight 8 week programme for three different ages:

  1. Under 5’s
  2. Primary school children
  3. Secondary school children

The programme is the same format for all ages but will have different content based on the different ages. 


  • Week 1 – Intro to programme. Vitamins/Milk. Fussy Eating -Home
  • Week 2 – 5 main food groups.  Portion sizes - Home
  • Week 3 – Healthy Balanced diet.  Fast food v fresh food - Online
  • Week 4 – Reading food labels - Online
  • Week 5 – Sugars/Fats - Online
  • Week 6 – Mealtimes - Online
  • Week 7 – Oral Health - Online
  • Week 8 – Measurements, review and assess – Home

Each week will have a goal, a PowerPoint on that week’s theme, an exercise video demonstrating a simple exercise for that week, links to recipes, BDA fact sheets etc and an activity for the week – guess which drink has the highest amount of sugar etc.

Rolling programme accessible 52 weeks a year with minimal wait time.

Children and families can be referred by their GP and other health professionals using existing 0-19 referral processes or parents can self-refer into via email to bchft.0to19@nhs.net

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