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P4C at St Benedict's Catholic Primary School

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Staff Training

During the academic year 2022/23, staff at St. Benedict's embarked on a fantastic learning voyage to become P4C facillitators. Throughout the year, we undertook 4 days of training and all staff qualified with our level 1 'Sapere' P4C certificates. This included teachers and teaching assistants.

What is P4C?

P4C is an approach to teaching and learning that explores the big ideas that arise in all areas of education and life experience. P4C uses philosophical dialogue and enquiry to help learners to think, to speak, to listen, to learn and to live together more effectively.

P4C involves regular classroom enquiries in which children, young people or adult learners share a stimulus, identify concepts — such as equality, identity, truth and beauty — and formulate questions that capture what they find curious.

With the support of a teacher or teaching assistant as facilitator, P4C participants explore these questions drawing on the perspectives of others to deepen their own understanding. P4C concludes with reflection on the process of enquiry and on the skills and dispositions that P4C develops: critical, creative, caring and collaborative thinking. During these reflections, learners also influence the direction of their next enquiry.


Year 1 undertaking a philosophical enquiry.

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