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St Benedict’s Catholic Primary School

Mission Statement
'In the light of Jesus, we learn to shine.'

Our Aims - We will...

Live the Gospel values of faith, love, forgiveness and care in our lives.

Challenge and encourage all to become creative, resilient and independent lifelong learners using a rich vocabulary.

Work with our community to prepare for our future by following the values and teaching of Jesus.

We live out our Mission and Aims by...

  • Living out our rules and our Mission
  • Our day-to-day nurturing environment
  • Placing RE at the core of the curriculum
  • Teaching the ‘Come and See’ programme and sharing daily collective worship/continuous provision
  • Providing a safe, welcoming and nurturing school where all are valued and welcomed
  • Promote acts of love and friendship, e.g. by sharing, towards one another
  • Celebrate and share success through assemblies, displays, rewards, Rejoice assemblies, Twitter, Mission Award
  • Children involved in planning and leading collective worship and reflection – KS2
  • Our Parish Priest’s celebration of and parishioners’ attendance at school Masses
  • Celebrate with other Warrington Catholic Schools
  • Supporting local and global charities: Warrington Open Door, food banks, refugees, CAFOD, MacMillan, Fairtrade, Colours of Peace, Save Kirsty Mac, St Rocco’s, through fund- raising and raising awareness
  • By listening to each other and valuing, respecting and responding to opinions
  • Preparing to receive Sacraments
  • Promoting good role models (school/HB & HG buddies’ roles, prefects)
  • Promoting circle of friends, nurture groups
  • Listening to School Councillors, prefects, others
  • Using manners daily being ‘shining examples’
  • Promoting positivity by giving rewards, certificates and during discussions
  • Celebrating assemblies (Christmas/ Easter) and class Masses
  • Experiencing life experiences through role play
  • Promoting positive relationships with everyone in school
  • Promoting the understanding of other faiths and cultures (theme weeks, anti- racism, anti-bullying NSPCC visits)
  • Singing at Ryfields at Christmas
  • Preparing for Reconciliation in Y5 and Y6
  • Sharing our travelling crib with our school community
  • Advent prayer bags with our families
  • CW Theme every week for school
  • Saint of the Day research for Friday assembly
  • Holy Day Masses in school
  • Staff donation to families in crisis
  • Journey in Love taught in school
  • Well-being Days for our staff
  • Each class celebrates a Mass at Church
  • Pastoral team are available to talk with staff and children (talk-about group)
  • Using current technology in all learning opportunities
  • Recognising every child is made in the image and likeness of God; therefore striving to personalise learning
  • Valuing each child’s contributions
  • Providing an exciting, stimulating  curriculum; catering for all learning styles; learning through play EYFS
  • Promoting a variety of extra-curricular activities through clubs and wrap-around care
  • Build commitment and resilience through residential visits
  • Making learning enjoyable
  • Pupils contribute through school council
  • Using Reading Plus, staff and adult readers (parish) helpers.
  • Providing a stimulating and safe learning environment which provides opportunities for all to shine and celebrate success
  • JSO (Junior Safety Officers) promoting safety inside and outside school
  • Enhancing children’s school life by providing educational visits and residential weeks
  • Having high expectations for children
  • Providing opportunities and challenge for those children with Special Educational Needs, and More Able
  • Encouraging team work in class, school and clubs
  • Promoting combined learning for school, parents/carers, staff and children through Family Learning, opportunities: Knowledge Fairs, Meet the Teacher, Parents’ Evenings
  • Promoting Homework Club for pupils
  • Secondary partnership work
  • Providing Educational/Arts/theme week visits
  • Governors’ experience sharing with their own class
  • Parents’ visit to speak about clubs
  • Replay (extra) Music Club provided for children
  • Music tuition in Key Stage 2
  • Annual Art calendar competition (Warrington Borough Council)
  • Regular School Council/Buddies Meetings
  • Governors for each class in school
  • SATs breakfast during SATs week
  • Home visits – from our Nursery staff
  • Stay and Play sessions in our Nursery
  • Links with high school, Collective Worship and performances/transition sessions
  • School Digital Leaders
  • School Games Award encouraging competition and being active
  • Music Award for our music curriculum
  • SENCO inclusion award providing for all
  • Weekend visits to Junior parkrun encouraging healthy living
  • Visiting members of the local community
  • Keeping parents/carers well informed through the school website and a regular school newsletter/twitter feed
  • Ensuring parents/carers receive the weekly parish newsletter
  • Valuing parents’/carers’ and pupils’ views and opinions via annual questionnaires and less formal discussions
  • Inviting members of the parish and local community into school to meet pupils
  • Working closely with the other schools in our parish
  • Inviting in outside agencies such as:  police, fire officers, nurses, dentist, optician, Everton in the Community and Road Safety Officers to participate in our learning. Knowsley CLC (internet safety)
  • Studying other faiths and cultures, including visiting other places of worship
  • Instilling global values through: school council, prefects, buddies and green warriors
  • Providing opportunities for children to showcase their talents and compete (sports, singing, choral, speech choir, music)
  • Nurturing a welcoming ethos for all
  • Taking part in local initiatives
  • Involving parents/carers in school through: courses, visits, assisting, celebrations
  • Collaborating actively with groups in our parish and locality (sacramental preparation, class masses, celebrations)
  • Making connections on a global scale with our worldwide community
  • We collaborate by providing:- Parent/carer music assemblies
  • Summer and Christmas Fairs
  • CAFOD events in school
  • Refugees ‘Y6’ sponsorship
  • MacMillan coffee mornings
  • Democracy through School Council
  • LGBT – respecting differences
  • NSPCC assembly and workshops
  • Big First-Aid/First Aid presentations and workshops
  • Smart Heart presentations
  • Gospel/Young Voices
  • Bridgewater Hall visit
  • Feast of Choirs event
  • Fire Tent demonstration
  • Warrington Wolves Foundation assembly
  • Goodison links
  • St Benedict’s Day Mass
  • Warrington Walking Day
  • Celebrations – Pentecost
  • Remembrance
  • Church walks, Church story, crib experience
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