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Ofsted Reports

Our last inspection was in November 2022 when the school was judged to remain a Good School.  

The Inspector, Lenford White, reported that the children ‘thoroughly enjoy coming to school, where they are happy and safe’.  They also found that children ‘are respectful towards adults and each other. They follow the rules closely and help to make the school a calm and purposeful place for learning’.
During the two-day inspection, the inspector observed lessons in all year groups and found that ‘leaders and staff expect pupils to achieve highly and behave well’.
The Inspector praised the quality of the curriculum stating that ‘leaders and governors have developed a carefully designed curriculum, which identifies the knowledge and skills that leaders want pupils, and children in the early years, to acquire. Leaders make sure that teachers implement the curriculum in the intended order’.  The report continued to praise the curriculum which helps build on and consolidate learning year on year so that by the end of Year 6 the children ‘are ready for their learning in high school and beyond’.
The Inspector commented positively on the assessment processes at St Benedict’s Catholic Primary School and stated that the teachers ‘regularly check how well pupils are learning’.
In terms of developing the children’s phonics and reading, the Inspector was equally positive about the school.  Mr White stated that ‘leaders prioritise reading. Teachers and teaching assistants are trained well. Pupils, and children in the early years, benefit from a well-organised and structured phonics curriculum’.  This focus on reading is maintained at Key Stage 2 where older pupils enjoy poetry and different styles of writing, including comedy and science fiction.  The Ofsted Report stated that ‘teachers carefully select the books that pupils read in class. This is expanding pupils’ reading horizons’.

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