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Reading Journals

Reading Books and Journals

To support the children’s reading we have developed a new system that will not only allow books to be sent home and returned to school again but, through the use of new Reading Journals, we will be able to provide greater support for parents and children.

The Reading Journal is very comprehensive but please take time to read the first few pages. These pages explain all about the books that the children bring home and give advice and tips for supporting your child’s reading. In addition, at the back of the Reading Journals, you will find the phonics phases, common exception words and statutory spellings.

Please note that each double spread page should be used for each new week. We ask that you start a new week each Monday, regardless of whether there are any blank boxes from the previous week.

Finally, we ask that you return the journals and reading books to school each Monday, where they will be placed in a box until Thursday when new reading books will be allocated for the children to take home. Thank you for your continued support.

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