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St Benedict’s is a Catholic School under the trusteeship of the Archdiocese of Liverpool.  It is maintained by Warrington Council.  As a Voluntary Aided School, the Governing Body is the Admissions Authority and is responsible for taking decisions on applications for admissions.  The co-ordination of admissions arrangements is undertaken by the Local Authority.  Currently, the Governing Body has set its admissions number at 30.  

Our principal role as a Catholic school is to participate in the mission of the Catholic Church by providing a framework which will help children to grow in their understanding of the Good News and in the practice of their faith.  The school will help the children develop fully as human beings and prepare them to undertake their responsibilities as a Catholic in society.  The school asks all parents/carers applying for a place here to respect this ethos and its importance to the school community.  This does not affect the rights of parents/carers who are not of the faith of this school to apply for and be considered for a place here.

Applications must be made through the Warrington Borough Council website.  As a faith school, you must complete the Faith Application Form (see link below) as well as the online application form.

This supplementary form is used by the school, to provide us with relevant information to help us decide the correct oversubscription criteria that your child falls under. Completed Faith Application Forms should be returned directly to the school.

Archdiocese Admissions Information

Archdiocese Admission's Policy - St Benedict's for 25/26

2023/24 Admissions policy

2024/25 Admissions policy

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